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The idea of creating this page I have had for about two years. I started with looking at people and their problems. I met people having problems with excessive weight, lack of energy, constant exhaustion or emerging signs of rapid aging. The first question that came to my mind was: “Does it have to be like this?”.

As many experts say, those diseases are caused by 3 main factors:


More and more we are exposed to stress, which according to experts in 84% causes the heaviest diseases including cancers, heart diseases, and more and more popular diabetes – being diagnosed already with very young children.


The cause number two is a fatedway of nutrition – more and more often with products lacking any nutrients, but only high glycemic index and are stuffed with harmful preservatives for the body.


The cause number three is the lack of an adequate amount of move, sports.


I’ve got good information for you, we can change everything in a very simple way-by changing our consciousness on the topic. We need to understand ourselves what is right and what is wrong, distinguish the potential proposals for helping us for much money left in clinics, hospitals and at doctors. This may be an attempt to make us a regular customer for life by explaining the need for the adoption of certain preparations or compounds through the rest of our lives. If we get more understanding about our body functioning and how we can create the conditions for it to self healing.


This page will point at giving us the access to the best experts, information, often certified natural therapy treatment that argue with conventional medicine. Besides, I’ll provide yoy with the access to the world’s finest nutrients and ways that are intended to cure the body, improving energy, obtain the appropriate weight and appearance acceptable to us.


It will also be a place where you will be able to make a diagnosis of the organism based on DNA and the latest scientific methods that go far beyond the traditional research proposed by the medicine. One such study is an Elemental Analysis of the hair anout which more information can be found on the website www.biomolmed.pl. Another method is the BODY KEY www.bodykey.pl, however, both of these tests are aimed at finding such things as metabolic type, percentage consumption of proteins, fats and carbohydrates based on the genetic code, to detect deficiencies and surpluses of basic substances in the body such as: calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, iron, and many others. If the recommendation after these tests are properly kept by us, the chances of bringing the body to perfection will increase. And all just because the tests are based on our genetics.

The greatest interest in this type of survey reveal three categories of people:

  • Athletes - they want to lead their body to perfection, so that the results of hard work were even better
  • People caring about their appearance - their main aim is to slow down the aging process. They try to carry out preventive lifestyle, which is much cheaper than treatment of any serious disease.
  • Sick poeple - they lost a lot of time and money on drugs and therapies offered by conventional medicine. After many efforts, not willing to give up, they use all of the available methods.


You just need to trace the stories and the names that appear on the boards, in management in both industries to understand that virtually the same people and clans like Rockefeller, Rotchild, j. P Morgan and a few others, control these structures. Unfortunately, their objective is not to take care of out long, healthy and happy life. Their goal is to strive to make each of us live quickly with the disease that is permanent. The Bill is simple: permanent long-term illness = solid long-term profit.

The case seems to be trivial and to explain it I will present a simple methafor. All sumbstances marked with the letter (E) contained in our food we will call „highways to heaven”. Next to those highways all kinds of petrol stations, pharmacies, medical clinics and hospitals were built, so that were not lacked of the fuel. The problem is that on this route we do not tank up, only we are overlaid with chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Anyway, what’s the difference, while tanking or buying pharmaceutics, money goes to the same pocket. Pointing that, we need to trace the story again.


In the 21st century the application of any diet without a precise diagnosis, recalls shooting a target blindfolded. Very often this type of diet, not matched to the human body, causes serious complications and deficiencies in the body. Unfortunately, this leads to serious diseases. Effect of dietary treatment which do not have a professional analysis of the body resembles a fairy predicting future with glass globe. Today a lot of people who want to achieve results at very low cost and without the knowledge of the topic believe in those types of diet. The purpose of these people is to pay the least, with no no need to understand anything and to gain the perfect health and look ASAP. It’s like searching for an antidote that very cheaply and in a very short time will fix all the errors of nutritionally-health. The truth is one: THERE IS NO SUCH POSSIBILITY!


I would like everyone to have the access to the world’s best doctors and clinics that defeat: cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis and many others. Below I will present a few of the most important centres in the world that helped many patients.

  • Gerson Clinic in Mexico and in Hungary,
  • Praxis Clinic in Germany which is run by Dr. Andreas Puttich. He has 25 years of practice in the treatment of B17-therapy,
  • Dr. Leonard Coldwell, who holds the world record for cancer cure at 92%. He is a man through whose hands went over more than 30,000 patients. He learned to fight cancer from the age of six,
  • Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski and the Burzynski Clinic in Huston. He has 37 years of experience in the treatment of cancer
  • Dr. Jean Marc Dupis, who begins to focus French authorities and authorize a legally natural therapies. As of today, it seems like he’s mostly read doctor in Europe, in France,
  • Next is a high-valued expert Dr. Rath who is the creator of mobile medicine. He works with many Polish doctors and other people who make a revolution in the field of non-conventional medicine, proper nutrition, preventive lifestyle,

Our goal is also to provide a forum where people will be able to share their practical experience, the results of applied solutions.