Acidification of the stomach

The stomach is functioning properly only when the gastric juices are very acidic (pH 1-3). Mucosa produces pepsin (protein digesting enzyme) and strong hydrochloric acid, which is essential for proper digestion, therefore high pH 7 occurs only where the gastric juices come in contact with the gastric mucosa; wherein the acidity is continuously neutralized. When the 


Popular supplements

Dietary supplements over the past years have gained many followers. Americanization of the society makes you focus on antyhing that happens behind the great ocean, where a sizable percentage of people can’t imagine life without them. However, why are they so special? Why are they so popular?

Online diet

In order to look and feel good, we are ready for commitments. Online dieticians use this fact giving us perfect solution which will be the salvation. How can we believe people that don’t really know us and have no idea about our lifestyle? What should we pay attention to while choosing a diet forourselves? When