What’s the benefit ot filtering the water?

The water filter is not necessary, but you can not deny its advantages. There are many of the facts and the myths being created about the usual “tap water”. What does the filtering water affect?

Currently, the water in our taps must comply with the stringent directives of the European Union, however, it does not mean that it is devoid of all harmful compounds. In addition to this key factor, there are other elements affected by water filtering.

1. Economics-Filtering water is a more cost-effective option than buying bottled water in stores. Replacement of filter cartridges is cheaper and more money is left in your wallet!

2. Getting rid of hard water – for sure it happened to you more than once that after boiling the water in the kettle after few time, the scale was already there in the kettle. With filtering water it won’t happen again. What’s important, the filter does not remove 100% of calcium and magnesium, which are the necessary minerals to our body.

3. The chlorine removal – water from the waterworks has its negligible quantities, which do not influence our health, but even so small amount of this substance adversely affect the taste of the water.

4. Taste improval -water from the urban sewage system needs to be supported after cleaning with the various measures which, unfortunately, have an influence on her taste.

5. Cooking-thanks to the filtered water your meals will get a new taste. Getting rid of all the unnecessary elements will change them completely.

6. Dead water – after thorough cleaning the water to our taps might be delivered with no nutritional value. Modern filters include mineralisers, thanks to which we drink the stelring water.