Popular supplements

Dietary supplements over the past years have gained many followers. Americanization of the society makes you focus on antyhing that happens behind the great ocean, where a sizable percentage of people can’t imagine life without them. However, why are they so special? Why are they so popular?

Dietary supplements are designed to improve our diet. Many of us willing to follow a healthy lifestyle with a small amount of free time head the pharmacies to provide ourselves with all sorts of vitamins, calcium or magnesium. It is, however, only some of tchem, below I present a few components along with their action.

1. Vitamin C – the most widely used preparation during the period of increased incidence of flu and viruses. It can also help you during regular or constantly returning bleeding from the nose or gums. Vitamin C is used in the majority of cases with the routine that extends it.

2. Magnesium -you play sport and there you feel like those muscle spasms? You might be missing this component. This is just one of many uses. Magnesium is recommended by fatigue or irritation and it plays it’s role in the case of heart disease protection. However using magnesium, you need to careful because it reduces the absorption of iron.

3. Zinc – is an important element for men of middle age and older, because it is responsible for the maintenance of sexual performance. Its low level lowers the amount of testosterone and reduces the number of spermatozoa in sperm. What’s interesting, especially for ladies, it improves the appearance of skin and hair.

4. Ginseng -is a physical capacity adjuvant. In addition, it immunises and adds energy. We can meet it in conjunction with guarana. It is used to produce popular nowadays “energy drinks”.

5. Iron – is recommended for people with anemia, it helps to fight this disease. While supplements selection or antibiotics treatment, you need to be careful not to distort its absorbability. Actions or measures that can make it are the antibiotics form tetracycline group and supplementation with calcium or magnesium. It is recommended to connect them with vitamin C.

7. Coenzyme Q10 – Do you often feel tired? That’s the component recommended in such cases. Also active, sportive people may use it. It maintains the arteries in a good condition, significantly extending their young state and improves athletic performance. It is used to treat gum disease.

8. Fish oil – it’s a liquid fat of the fish with lots of fatty acids, especially valuable omega-3 and omega-6. We find it also in vitamins A and D. Tran is recommended especially to a person in need to strengthen the resilience.