Another portion of vitamins

In one of the previous entries I have outlined a few of the popular dietary supplements. However, there are far more of them.

– To many of us, our grandma or mother in our childhood told to eat vegetables beacuse they have many vitamins. That’s true, hoever each child would do otherwise. As far parents take care of their children, in adult life, we need to take care of ourselves.

Why do we need vitamins? What is so special about them? To those question I’ll try to give you the proper answers presenting most popular vitamis along with their application.

Vitamin A – also known as Retinol since it’s forming Retinol. It’s most popular source is the carrot that contains beta carotene, which is converted to vitamin A. The microelement lowers blood cholesterol, plus beneficially inflence on our heart. Thanks to vitamin A some dangerous carcinogenic compounds are converted into harmless ones.

Vitamin B6 – it takes an active part in e.g. the transformation of amino acids, fats and carbohydrates and at the same time in 100 other chemical reactions. It helps our brain and prevents anemia. It is often combined with medication to alleviate their side effects. This supplement is often used by people who work long hours in offices, because they help combat pain and wrist and hand stiffen. In addition to the above, vitamin B6 relieves symptoms of so called premenstrual irritability, depression, breast soreness or headaches

Vitamin B12 – this hard absorbed dietary supplement is soluble in water. It is the only vitamin that contains essential minerals. An important function of this microelement is that without it our reproductive or nervous system will not operate correctly. One of the most important features that it plays in our body is participation in the DNA synthesis.

Vitamin D – our body produces it under the influence of sunlight. Our body stores it, so its shortage is very rare. However, our body needs it even for the proper skeletal system functioning. An important feature is also strengthening the immune system. The presence of vitamin D also prevents the cancer as colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer or on-Hodgkin lymphomas

Vitamin E – has antioxidant effects. Prevents atherosclerosis, cancer and aging processes. The appropriate dose stimulates the immune system and prevents infertility. Using it together with selenium we can prevent the state of fatty liver. Used by pregnant women can reduce the risk of miscarriage.